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Remove the batteries if the remote control is not used for a month or longer. Do not attempt to recharge are use suisse anti aging supplied batteries. All batteries should be replaced at the same time; do not mix old and new batteries.

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Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire, as they may explode. My air conditioner does not run. My air conditioner runs for only a short time. My air conditioner runs, but is not cooling.

abri velo suisse anti aging

Cut off the power supply. Turn off the appliance first before disconnecting from power supply.

0052 2A 2 1 Waidacher PDF

Wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Never use volatile substances such as gasoline or polishing powder to clean the appliance.

Save all warnings and instructions for future reference. Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes.

Never sprinkle water onto the main unit. It is dangerous and electric shock may result.

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It is necessary to clean the air filter after using it for about hours. Clean it as follows: 1.

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Abri velo suisse anti aging the appliance and remove the air filter. Clean and reinstall the air filter.

abri velo suisse anti aging

If the dirt is conspicuous, wash it with a solution of detergent in lukewarm water. After cleaning, dry it in a shaded and cool place, then reinstall it.

abri velo suisse anti aging

Clean the air filter every two weeks if the air conditioner operates in an extremely dusty environment. Maintenance Before Storage 1.

Honeywell Amh 10000E Users Manual

If the appliance will not be used for a long time, be sure to pull out the rubber abri velo suisse anti aging of the drain port underside, in order to drain the water. Keep the appliance running on fan mode only for a half day to dry the appliance inside and prevent from getting moldy.

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Stop the appliance and unplug it, then take out the batteries of the remote control and store them. Clean the air filter and reinstall it. Remove the air hoses and keep them well, and cover the air hole tightly.

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Store your air conditioner covered in a cool dry place. Disposal This symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that the appliance cannot be treated as normal domestic trash, but must be handed in at a collection point for recycling electric and electronic appliances. Your contribution to the correct disposal of this product protects the environment and the health of your fellow men. Health and the environment are endangered by incorrect disposal.

A múzeumok jellegük szerint Szakirodalom A metamuzeológia ellenőrző funkcióval rendelkezik. Normatív módon megítéli a muzeológia alapelvét, céljait, módszereit, és eredményeit egy magasabb rend nézőpontjából értékeli. Aki egy dolog lényegéig akar eljutni, annak az általános fejlődés mindenkori aktuális állásának megfelelő elméleti tudásra van szüksége.

Further information about the recycling of this product can be obtained from your local town hall, your refuse collection service, or in the store at which you bought the product.