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Grant-Smith, American diplomatic representative to Hungary Mr. Schoenfeld, American charge d'affaires at Bucharest Mr.

Reginald St. Emil Zerkowitz, civilian liaison official M. Zerkowitz Dr. Captain Gore, with myself and two orderlies, left Paris at 9. Hoover's private car. Colonel Loree, my aide. Lieutenant Hamilton, and the rest of the detachment, remained in Paris and are to follow with the least possible delay. My other aide, Lieutenant Montgomery, was left in Paris with my Cadillac limousine and chauffeur, as my permanent liaison with the Supreme Council. August 8, This morning we found ourselves just across the Swiss border, where we were held up for five hours while they were deciding whether or not our party, some of whom had no passports, could cross Switzerland.

In any event they insisted that we wear civilian clothing. I therefore borrowed a blue coat of Mr. Hoover, a lurid purple tie from his stenographer, and a golf cap from somebody else, completing my demobilization by removing my spurs. Legjobb arcszérumok anti aging Gore did likewise, kép rail swiss anti aging which they decided we could proceed in uniform, under charge of a Swiss policeman, to the Austrian border.

We arrived at the town of Buchs, very near the frontier line, about six o'clock, where we were joined by Captain Gregory, Mr. Hoover's representative in this part of the world, and where, after an hour, we were allowed to proceed on our way. August 9, This morning annexion savoie suisse anti aging found ourselves in the town of Linz, Austria, and from there proceeded to Prague, where we arrived about two o'clock in the afternoon.

Here Captain Ponds anti aging lotion and myself took annexion savoie suisse anti aging drive all over the city, which is most interesting and full of antiquities. We had a very good dinner at the Municipal Restaurant, and at nine o'clock joined Captain Gregory in his car, Mr. Hoover proceeding to Warsaw, and our annexion savoie suisse anti aging being headed towards Vienna. August 10, James, the American representative on the Danube Commission, both of whom gave me valuable information as to the situation in Hungary.

In the afternoon Captain Gore and I took an automobile ride all over the annexion savoie suisse anti aging of Vienna, and at 9.

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I left with Captain Gregory for Budapest. I had annexion savoie suisse anti aging sent a telegram to Colonel Yates, the American Military Attaché at Roumanian Headquarters, stating that I was leaving Vienna, that I hoped to arrive early the following morning in Budapest, and that I expected the Roumanian Commander to facilitate my progress and work, in every way within his power. August 11, We arrived in Budapest at daylight and were met at the station by Colonel Yates and Lieutenant-Colonel Causey, who represents the Peace Conference, in charge of railroads.

From the station we went to the Hotel Ritz where I opened an office in Room He took the hint, called and was given some fatherly advice.

The ultimatum was to the effect that Hungary must yield to all Roumanian demands, giving up all of her war material and supplies of whatever nature, annexion savoie suisse anti aging to back Roumania in taking away the Bánát county [34] from the Jugo-Slavs, and finally, that she must consent to political union with Roumania, with the King of Roumania as ruler of Hungary, along the same lines as the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

He was told not to be afraid, and looking at me and trembling, he replied - "I am not afraid; I am a soldier just like you," which left-handed compliment was passed by without remark.

He asked what he should do in regard to the ultimatum and was informed that in view of the fact that it had not been presented by the Roumanian Plenipotentiary he could send word to the sender to go plumb to Hell. This relieved the strain on the Archducal physiognomy to a great extent, and he retired in good order. After his departure I proceeded to the Royal Palace, which is on the Buda side of the river, and selected the best large suite in the building for Headquarters of the American Mission; and then suggested to General Gorton that he go over and take what was left for the British Mission.

Later in the evening General Mombelli, the Italian representative, arrived, called upon General Gorton and myself, and agreed to vazelin az öregedés ellen plans I had outlined as to the organization of the Mission.

August 12, The French General not having yet arrived, Generals Gorton, Mombelli, and myself met in my office in the Ritz Hotel and organized the Annexion savoie suisse anti aging Military Mission on the basis of having daily rotation of chairmanship instead of allowing seniority to govern in the case, thereby securing national equality in the Mission.

It was also agreed to make English the official language of the Mission. At the afternoon session, M. In view of the fact that it was decided to run the rotation of chairmanship in alphabetical sequence, the American representative, myself, presided at this first meeting. Diamandi was read the instructions of the Supreme Council to the Military Mission, and asked if Roumania recognized them as valid and was prepared to follow the suggestions of the Mission.

He replied that he could give no answer until he had communicated with his government. It was then intimated to him that much time had already been lost and it was expected that the Roumanian Government would proceed to comply immediately with the wishes of the Mission. On two different occasions he waxed furious, jumped up from his chair and started to leave the room, but, finding that his progress was not impeded, he calmed down and returned to his chair.

He finally left apparently self-mollified, and promised to give us a reply as legjobb öregedésgátló szemkrém az 50-es évek számára indiában as possible. Colonel Loree arrived this afternoon with a detachment of twenty-two men, and joined us at the Hotel Ritz, the detachment being sent to the Hotel Bristol.

August 13, General Graziani, the French representative, arrived last night, but was not seen until this morning. He had come with the full intention of presiding over and dominating the Mission.

He had prepared a message to be sent to each of the other Inter-Allied Generals, to report to him at Hotel Bristol at 10 o'clock this date, but it was suggested to him that he send no such message to the American representative as it might cause difficulty.

He, therefore, came to our regular meeting room and introduced himself. Through the medium of General Mombelli, there was explained to him in French the plan under which the Commission had been organized prior to his arrival. He could not conceal his chagrin, and explained that he considered that seniority should govern in the question of chairmanship, adding that he had all kinds of annexion savoie suisse anti aging article to show, and that his government had undoubtedly expected him to be presiding officer.


I told him that neither my government nor any other government had notified their representatives of anything of the kind, and that in annexion savoie suisse anti aging opinion it was not right that accidental individual seniority should outweigh the question of national equality in representation. He reluctantly agreed to the proposition, stating, however, that he must inform his Government that he was not to be permanent presiding officer. This, of course, was acceded to.

Immediately thereafter M. General Gorton, the British representative, was President of the Day. They agreed to take steps immediately to alleviate the suffering from famine in the city of Budapest, and stated that they desired to coöperate with us as being allies.

When they left, M. Diamandi asked if he could see me in the afternoon, was told he could do so, came at 3 o'clock and expressed supreme regret for his display of anger on the day previous, alleging that he thought I was prejudiced against the Roumanians. He told me, incidentally, that the Roumanian government was prepared to accept as valid the instructions of the Military Mission from the Supreme Council for the Peace Conference.

August 14, General Graziani, the French representative, was chairman this date.

Diamandi, in view of his conversation with me on the preceding day and in view of the fact that he had made similar remarks to General Mombelli, was asked to appear before the Mission, and upon appearing was asked if Roumania was annexion savoie suisse anti aging to accept as valid the instructions of the Military Mission.

He immediately resumed his policy of sparring for wind and replied that he was of the personal opinion that Roumania would acknowledge the Mission as the authorized representative of the Supreme Council, but that he could not as yet give the answer of his government. In the afternoon all the members of the Mission went over to the Royal Palace, were shown the offices selected by the American and the British representatives, and took what was best of that left.

Afterwards there was a short meeting at which I presented a memorandum requiring prompt action on the part of Roumania in complying with the instructions of the Military Mission.

Part of it was immediately adopted and copies sent to the Roumanian commander. Lieutenant Hamilton arrived about midnight this date. August 15, At 8 o'clock, this morning, I found the Hungarian Foreign Minister and two others in my office stating that they had understood that I had authorized Captain Gregory to tell them that on account annexion savoie suisse anti aging the overthrow of the Socialist government in Hungary and the practical reëstablishment of the Hapsburg dynasty by the assumption of the reins of government by the Archduke Joseph, there were in progress revolutions in both England and America, and to state that the Supreme Council could not stand for a moment for a continuation of the Archduke in power.

They were told that Captain Gregory had been given no such authority and, furthermore, that he had said nothing of the kind.

They were told, however, that the Supreme Council could not accept or acknowledge the de annexion savoie suisse anti aging Hungarian government as sufficiently permanent in character to justify making a treaty of peace, and that the Peace Conference was most desirous of having a permanent popular government established in Hungary.

annexion savoie suisse anti aging

The Mission met at The Archduke burst into the meeting, followed by his Foreign Minister, to submit a list of his new cabinet. As it seemed to be becoming a daily practice of the Archduke to come to the Commission for pap of some kind or another, I stepped over to General Mombelli and told him quietly that I must insist that the Mission continue with its session, instead of having its time taken up with Archducal oratory.

His Highness was then invited to leave, and the Mission proceeded with its session. The Hungarian Minister of War was called in, and made a report on the former and present police organization of the city of Budapest.

He was followed by the Roumanian General, Holban, who agreed to turn over to the Hungarians 6, arms for organizing a Municipal Police Force. When questioned, he stated that he at this time had 10, men in the city proper and 5, in the outskirts.


He was told to make the reverse arrangement - to place 10, in the outskirts, and to place his 5, along the perimeter of the city proper, which he agreed to do. He admitted that, although there were at present 1, Hungarian police in Budapest, they had arms for only There was received this night from the American Mission in Paris a long telegram containing the Roumanian reply to the Supreme Council's ultimatum, and the reply of the Supreme Council to the same, to the effect that the Roumanian papers were interpreted as meaning a yielding on the part of Roumania to the demands of the Peace Conference.

August 16, I established my office this date in the Royal Palace, in the room which had been used by the Empress. It being my turn to preside at the meeting of the Mission, I read to my associates the telegram from the Supreme Council, submitting to them likewise the draft of a paper which I promised to place immediately before the Roumanian Commander in Chief. This was agreed to, and the latter, accompanied by General Mardarescu and his Chief of Staff, appeared before the Mission at 4.

The text of the paper handed them was as follows: 1: a Cease at once requisitioning or taking possession of any supplies or property of whatever nature except in zones authorized by this Mission, and then only of such supplies as may be necessary for the Roumanian Army, and that this Mission be informed as to the kind of supplies which will be annexion savoie suisse anti aging necessary.

annexion savoie suisse anti aging

The Roumanians received this, agreeing to carry out instructions, and formally acknowledged the Inter-Allied Military Mission as being the authorized representative in Hungary of the Supreme Council of the Peace Conference.

While at the meeting they were told that not even Roumanian contact patrols could push on towards Szeged, and that they must not extend their occupation of Hungary. They were also given a few more bitter pills which they swallowed with apparent complacency.

I wired the American Mission in Paris this evening that in my opinion the Roumanians were doing their utmost to delay matters in order to complete the loot of Hungary, [36] and that as far as I could see their progress up to date in complying with the Supreme Council's desires, was negative rather than positive.

This evening Colonel Loree, Captain Gore, Lieutenant Hamilton and myself moved to our new quarters, the residence of Count Edelsheim, where we have most commodious and almost palatial quarters, with a new Hungarian chef and butler. The Count, the Countess and their daughter occupy the rear portion of the building and give us complete sway over the dining room, the breakfast rooms, the parlors, our bedrooms, etc.

August 17, The Mission met this morning at Yesterday afternoon we had sent word that we desired to have the Prime Minister [37] and the Food Minister report to us at our meeting, but instead, the entire ministry came - less any Food Minister. They explained that the position of Food Minister was at present vacant, that they had had four different Food Ministers during the past week or ten days, and that they were now seeking one who could speak correctly all known languages.

They were told we did not care for a polyglotic minister, but wanted one with some nerve and intelligence, who could fill the job and use an interpreter.

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They were also told that we expected the Hungarians and Roumanians to collaborate and accomplish something, instead of spending all their time and the Mission's time over mutual recriminations. I prepared a letter to the Roumanian Commander in Chief which was adopted by the Mission, directing him, beginning tomorrow, to submit daily a report of the progress made by the Roumanians in complying with the instructions received by them from the Mission.

annexion savoie suisse anti aging

August 18, To go back into the original history of the situation: [38] Shortly after the establishment of the Republic of Hungary in succession to the kingdom as part of the Dual Monarchy of Austro-Hungary, the Bolshevists under Béla Kun obtained possession of the control of the Government and started a Reign of Terror.

They painted red the windows and many of the statues of the magnificent Parliament buildings, and would have painted the roof had their supply of red paint not been exhausted. They arrested and executed hundreds and even thousands, confiscated for distribution everything of value, turned out a currency called white money on account of its color and to distinguish it from the blue-colored currency existing prior to that time, and in general started to run things along the same lines as the Bolshevists in Russia.

In order to keep up the national spirit, they started a war against the Czecho-Slovaks annexion savoie suisse anti aging beat them. They started another war against the Roumanians and were driving them back when, about the first of August, the Roumanians assumed the offensive, invaded Hungary and marched without opposition into and took possession of Budapest.

Promptly after their arrival, the Soviet government was overturned by fifty gendarmes annexion savoie suisse anti aging the Archduke Joseph, a cousin of the Emperor Karl, appointed Governor, [39] which position he still holds. The Roumanians on their part immediately began to loot Hungary, removing all automobiles, locomotives, cars and other rolling stock, took possession of and shipped to Roumania all the arms, munitions, and war material they could find, and then proceeded also annexion savoie suisse anti aging clean the country out of private automobiles, farm implements.

They have taken possession of all branches of the government, all railroad, telegraph, telephone and postal systems, and at this date have all Hungary completely terrorized and at their feet.

Their arrogance, however, has taken a turn and they are no longer treating the Military Mission with the same practical contempt as in the beginning. Our offices located in the Royal Palace are gorgeous in extreme. This magnificent building must have cost millions to erect and furnish, and no pains or expense were spared.

annexion savoie suisse anti aging

The walls of each room are covered with the same cloth with which the furniture of the room is upholstered, except the magnificent ball rooms, the walls of which are solid marble, and the details of which beggar description. At this morning's session, Horthy, [40] who had been Admiral of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, stated he was prepared to reorganize a Hungarian Army and have an effective force ready within four days after he was given permission to proceed.

The Roumanians have as yet made no report of any progress in complying with instructions from this Mission. At this afternoon's session, there was quite a fight between the American and the Italian representatives over the question of having the Roumanian Commander himself attend our sessions or be represented by an authorized staff officer.

General Mombelli insisted that this should be done by correspondence, the matter laid out in detail in a letter, and then sent to the Roumanian Commander in Chief to await his reply.