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    Humans who are ruled by their passions, opinionated or vain, aggressive or revengeful, but also virtuous, trusting, just, self-sacrificing, magnanimous or generous.

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    In treating one of the above mentioned attitudes: altruistic behavioral patterns, the paper will focus on the subtype of so-called reciprocal altruism. Anti aging termékek pptx of mutual aid-giving - considering the high risks - rarely develop between two individuals or two companies, normally, there are more involved in the network of good deeds.

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    The author of this paper interprets networks based on reciprocal altruism as risk-sharing communities analogous to insurance systems. Network compensation is not set down in a contract, and is not necessarily equal to the donation in value or kind, but is made readily available if and only if it is needed.

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    In addition, compensation is usually not delivered by the direct recipient of the contribution, but by the members of a broader community. On the level of the individual, systems based on reciprocal altruism - in contrast to common exchanges - do not even theoretically provide for the equity of sacrifices and gains. In the clearing-system of mutual favors not only the competitors, but also the suppliers and the employees are involved. Reciprocal altruism makes most formal market and state institutions founded to insure the security of transactions superfluous, and these institutions are very expensive to maintain.

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    As the impersonal and legally guaranteed mechanisms to secure the fulfillment of contracts, characteristic of developed market economies, are not well-developed enough, these economies could not function at all without reciprocal altruism.

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