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Benjamin vautier swiss anti aging. Artpool - The Experimental Art Archive Of East-Central Europe

The work represented in the Artpool archive is astonishing in its scope and quantity, quality of imagination, intellectual force, and the courage of the artists who created it. Artpool is the achievement of György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay, who imagined, created, supported, and sustained Artpool.

They generated and recorded experimental art for nearly four decades; supported artists throughout the world by organizing, displaying, and publishing their work; and made available to scholars the rich resources of their unparalleled artist archive, which contains an enormous database of a range of art in various media, the history of events and exhibitions, ongoing exhibitions, and a wide variety of publication genres.

Simultaneously an archive and an artwork, Artpool is without peer. So where to begin: of course, at the beginning, in a chapel. The most direct consequences of such pressure came in when the state shut down the chapel that Galántai founded in in the lakeside town of Balatonboglár. Having converted the chapel into a studio and opening it to an exhibition space inthe ban put a temporary end to his work and the activities of the thriving community of conceptual artists exhibiting their advanced work in his chapel studio.

Two difficult decades ensued for Galántai, whose daily life was recorded and reported to the authorities until She stood with him not as a comrade but as a lover, and together they launched Artpool in True to its purpose as an archive, they set Artpool benjamin vautier swiss anti aging task of producing, collecting, and cataloguing, resolutely insisting upon and persisting in constructively altering the past while mindful of the continuing ways it shaped the future.

Galántai and Klaniczay must also be credited with changing the destiny benjamin vautier swiss anti aging the art of hundreds of artists, poets, and intellectuals whose names, works, and contributions may now be studied. For in refusing to submit to the unique form of insidious repression of artists through intimidation, self-censoring, isolation, and forced anonymity, through their work in Artpool, they rescued a critical segment of cultural history from oblivion and the moribund quagmire to which it might otherwise have been condemned by both communism and capitalism.

The Artpool archive pooled resources, hosted visiting artists, and exploded with activities from film screenings and concerts to radio programs, and more, to say nothing of benjamin vautier swiss anti aging prodigious publications and samizdat program, which preserved rare and fragile histories.

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The state amassed evidence of dissidents in order to control and prohibit the very behaviors and products that Artpool initiated and safeguarded, nurturing an ever growing and evolving network throughout the world.

Artpool operated as an open source, artist-run, archive-as-artwork located in Budapest and interconnected with the world despite belonging to the communist blocwhile the state dictated from benjamin vautier swiss anti aging Soviet Union operated locally as a snake biting its own tail. Moreover, while the state struggled to impede individual choice and silence memory, Artpool established an alternative model of the archive, explicitly one with a preservative ethics in which documentary material would be utilized to distribute power and revive memory.

Translated by Jan Vadislav. A Personal Account, in this volume, page But Artpool as an artwork evolved from an amalgam of critical conceptual frameworks. Erdély participated in events at the chapel and Galántai admired him. It is safe to say that no artistic movement has been as selfsustaining as long as Artpool, not even Surrealism.

The question then becomes: Is this volume a testimony to Artpool as an artistic movement, or even an avant-garde of two? The answer is yes and no: yes, because Artpool — the artwork — is Galántai and Klaniczay; no because Artpool — the archive — is everything it contains.

Artpool - The Experimental Art Archive Of East-Central Europe

As an artwork, Artpool will not survive Galántai and Klaniczay. As an archive, Artpool will continue to educate future generations about art in a time of repressive historical circumstance and a period, preinternet, of successful efforts to establish and nourish an international cultural network.

In this regard, Artpool could be understood as a form of the eternal network. See page — of this volume. From its very conception, the Artpool project has been known for its continuous aspirations and efforts to document; yet, when we decided to finally benjamin vautier swiss anti aging the historical chronology of our story, we realized that we sometimes lacked the energy to adhere to consistent self-documentation in tandem with the organization of programs and the managing of the archives.

As a result, we have no photographs but, at best, contemporaneous video footage of lesser quality portraying numerous events, especially those in the early s, which these days can be regarded as bearing historical significance.

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We would have welcomed it if we ourselves did not have to be the editors of this book. Nor would we mind if there was a comprehensive and analytical essay or study based on in-depth research written by a member of the younger generation of art researchers that we could publish.

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We did not, however, wish to commission a piece of writing like this, nor did we wish to give up the opportunity to take an active part in publishing the documents of our activities that spanned over several decades and — without wishing to sound pretentious — political eras. Given the resources at our disposal, we decided to compile a comprehensive selection of extant texts and visual materials in order to produce a well-organized publication that we hope conveys some of what Artpool stands for; at the same time, we hope it impresses on the readers what the excitement of the — not exclusively intellectual — adventure of the past few decades that the operation of Artpool, along with the relationship and benjamin vautier swiss anti aging with numerous outstanding art workers worldwide, meant to us.

That said, we may as well close this part of our story. The backbone of the volume consists of the chronology of some events starting from the foundation of Artpool inand the notes based on the documents and registers kept in Artpool the photo- video- and audio materials, the complete bibliography of our activity, as well as work notes, letters, faxes and diary entries initially arranged during the preparatory research conducted for the writing of this volume.

We sought to compile the materials in such a way that the volume would be able to lend itself as a suitable starting point for those wishing to carry out research on specific periods and events.

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  • Artpool - The Experimental Art Archive Of East-Central Europe
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In order to make the identification of individual documents easier, the Hungarian titles of the events included in the chronology are added — in light grey print. Although the introductory part of this volume touches upon the antecedents of Artpool, i. The notes in small print added to individual events contain information about the documents in our archives related to a given event, any publications or catalogues about the event, and whether the exhibited works can be found in the collection of Artpool.

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Although it was our objective to provide a complete list of bibliographical references, this list is most probably not complete since we did not have a press monitoring capacity at the time; moreover, most of these are newspaper briefs merely informing readers about the fact of the events having been held and relying on the texts of the press releases or invitations that were published by Artpool, while at other times they are simple references.

The titles of referenced articles are written in the original language mostly in Hungarianbut their English translations are provided at the end of the volume, in the selected bibliography of items bearing the most relevance to the history of Artpool.

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All the documents referred to in the chronology can be researched in the Artpool archives. The calls for projects and invitations, which were designed by György Galántai for thematic projects and generally contained introductory theoretical texts, formed an integral part of the Artpool events.

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Several of the English language invitations and calls are published here as facsimiles in the original A4 size. The invitations in Hungarian are typically included in reduced sizes; however, where we felt it to be important, the English translations are also attached. We endeavored to provide — retrospectively — the sources for the quotations in the invitations, since they were mostly not at all or only in part specified in the originals.

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The international projects of Artpool have always been extremely popular. Having completed the online documentation or catalogue for most of these projects, this volume contains the links at which they can be found.

The video documentation for many of the events can also be accessed on YouTube, which we indicated in every instance. The closing index of names only contains the names mentioned in the present volume.

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It was this team spirit that made the projects possible in general, and the collection and preservation of the documentation used for this book in particular. We benefited from the work of many people in the process of making this book. We thank Krisztina Sarkady-Hart for the English translation of texts published here for the first time, and Adrian Hart for the English language editing; our working relationship was excellent with both of them.

We are extremely benjamin vautier swiss anti aging to Jasmina Tumbas, who, while doing her PhD research, nevertheless found time to read the already translated texts of the chronology and helped us with her useful comments and advice in the language editing while also contributing significantly benjamin vautier swiss anti aging the proofreading.

We enjoyed working together with Imre Arany Layout Factory Grafikai Stúdió on the visual benjamin vautier swiss anti aging of the book, and we hope that as a result of our joint efforts, we managed to render the vast amount of visual and textual information in a clear and easily accessible form.

We feel honored that Kristine Stiles wrote the foreword for our volume. Her unstinting enthusiasm and professional elvégre svájci anti aging, informed advice, as well as professional and friendly support are greatly appreciated and have encouraged us immensely.

We also thank the National Cultural Fund for their support specially awarded to us to cover the additional expenses that resulted from the more complex and longer work process than we had initially anticipated.

Néprajzi Értesítő.

Simultaneously with the English language volume, we have started preparing a Hungarian edition, which we are planning to publish in the near future. We do not regard this volume to be our final and concluding work. Instead, we look at it as the beginning of a new chapter, which hopefully opens up the opportunity for us and researchers and analysts who take an interest in the history of Artpool to explore and analyze numerous new aspects, relations and relevant influences based on this compiled and organized information and documentary material.

Finally, we wish to thank benjamin vautier swiss anti aging — artists, art lovers and institutions alike — who in the past nearly forty years have helped Artpool in its projects and operations, the enrichment of its collections, as well as the expansion of its scope of activities, and followed our work with professional curiosity and loving attention.

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We hope that when they take this volume in their hands, they too will feel: it was all worth it! We lovingly dedicate our book to our daughter, Ágnes Galántai, from whom throughout the years we received so much love, understanding and help towards our work. By documenting the thoughts circulating within the worldwide network of free and autonomous art, this living archive is brought into being but still remains invisible to profit-oriented art.

Artpool contributes to parallel projects and processes in creative and communicative ways and organizes its own events related to its specific topics.

The archive expands through calls for projects, co-operation, and exchange as well as circulating information and enlarging the network. Its field of operation is the whole world; it works with an exact aim and direction, sensitively detecting changes and adjusting accordingly.

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In the annually reviewed program, which after being defined keeps constructing itself through chance, only the essential concept is permanent. These two factors represent the basic principles and conditions of paradigm shift in the domain of art. The first was a large folder in which I displayed, attached to a series of boards, documents pertaining to the Chapel Studio at Balatonboglár: newspaper clippings, reproductions, and works ász inhibitorok anti aging there by the artists.

Chapel Studio.