Sweet Chef Kale Vitamin B Serum Shot 1 fl oz

Best anti age cream for acne prone skin

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Dermatology Our skin is our largest organ, playing many very important roles in our lives. It is in direct contact with the external environment, so as its primary line of defense, it is responsible for protecting it from its harmful effects.

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The many nerve endings in it give an indication when a harmful external effect is endangering our body. It plays a very important role in providing the conditions necessary for other organ systems to function, such as maintaining a constant body temperature.

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It also produces hormones such as vitamin D, which is important in calcium metabolism. Our skin is also a sensitive organ, so it often develops injuries or skin changes, which in some cases are closely related to the abnormal functioning of other organs.

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So the skin is our important organ, it is also important for it to function properly and stay healthy. Our dermatologists help diagnose and treat pathological skin lesions. Our services: Examination and treatment of skin lesions Melanoma screening Complex treatment of acne prone skin Treatment of eczema Diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin lesions Treatment of fungal, inflammatory skin diseases Removal of warts and growths.

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