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Body shop anti aging tartomány. Anticorps VR vásárlása

If you wanted to play that game in VR, then Anticorps is exactly what you need.

Rendszeres kontroll vizsgalattal meg idoben elkaphato a baj!

The game mixes strategy with action, and there are 23 different enemies to battle as well as a giant boss.

Nine game modes are currently offered at launch.

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Fitness Potential Anticorps blends slower strategy gameplay with direct combat. You have access to a hammer weapon for beating up enemies that draw near.


The hammer is also used for deflecting projectiles that are thrown your way by the virus. For tougher encounters, a wand device can spray out a healing mist.

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Humanity is threatened by a new type of infection, which does not kill people directly, but drives them crazy, the earth is plunged into chaos, faced with this threat of a new kind, no treatment, no medicine can stop the viruses, urgently the body shop anti aging tartomány health agency has developed a new technical to try to treat the sick.

The player is miniaturized in a medicine, swallowed by the patient, once the infected zone is found, the drug unfolds but the antibody is not yet active, it will be necessary to use the terrain created by the drug to create a colony, recover resources to build fixed defenses that will protect the antibody as it develops.

Features Free movement : full directional movement systems like teleportation, touchpad control both are enabled together, you can turn off touchpad if you wish and climbing.

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Procedural generation of the field. Procedural generation of waves of enemies and paths taken. Each Game is different. Tutorial - 9 Games modes at launch.

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