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Tritium retention by corneal endothelium after incorporation of H3-thymidine.

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Arch Ophthalmol Steady-state concentrations of potassium in the ocular fluids. Exp Eye Res 3: Patterns of cellular organization and cell division in the epithelium of the cultured lens. Exp Eye Res 4: The relationship between the concentrations of amino acids in the ocular fluids and blood plasma of dogs. The effect of autonomic drugs on mitosis and DNA synthesis in the lens epithelium and on the composition of the aqueous humor.

Local variations in cerebrospinal fluid composition and its relationship to the composition of the extracellular fluid of the cortex.

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Exp Neurol Factors affecting the distribution of iodide and bromide in the central nervous system. J Physiol London The concentrations of free amino acids and other electrolytes in cerebrospinal fluid, in vivo dialysate of brain, and blood plasma of the dog. J Neurochem Antiparasympathomimetic effects of cholinesterase inhibitor treatment.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther Kinetics of cerebrospinal — fluid exchange. In: Brain Edema. Klatzo I and Seitelberger F Eds. Animal Care Coprecipitation of amino acids with tungstic acid precipitation of plasma proteins. Anal Biochem Blood-brain barrier: Evidence for active anion transport between blood and the extracellular fluid of brain. Science The effect of general anesthesia on the chemical composition of blood plasma of normal rabbits. Effects of chronic cholinesterase inhibitor treatment.

The pharmacological and physiological behavior of the anti-ChE-treated monkey Macaca mulatta iris. The ontogenesis of haematoencephalic cation transport processes in the rhesus monkey. Intraocular fluid dynamics. Steady-state concentration gradients of magnesium, potassium and calcium in relation to the sites and mechanisms of ocular cation transport processes. Exp Eye Res Postmortem changes in solute concentrations.

The site and mechanism of the control of cholinergic sensitivity.

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Cholinergic sensitivity: Normal variability as a function of stimulus background. On the physiological response of the cerebral cortex to acute stress reversible asphyxia. Accumulation and apparent active transport of prostaglandins by some rabbit tissues in vitro. Comparative study of concentrative prostaglandin accumulation by various tissues of mammals and marine vertebrates and invertebrates. Comp Biochem Physiol 43A: The site and mechanism of prostaglandin transfer across the blood intraocular fluid barriers.

Absorptive transport of prostaglandins from intraocular fluids to blood: a review of recent findings. The effects of cold on corneal thickness and on aqueous humor and blood plasma composition of Rana pipiens.

Maintenance of normal corneal thickness in the cold in vivo hibernation as opposed to in vitro.

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Inhibition of uveal prostaglandin transport in experimental uveitis. New york anti aging puerto rico R and Land W Eds. Ontogenesis of blood-brain barrier function in primate: CSF cation anti aging serum fallout 4 felülvizsgálat. In: Foetal and Neonatal Physiology.

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The effects of hibernation on the chemical composition of cerebrospinal and intraocular fluids, blood plasma and brain tissue of the woodchuck Marmota monax. Comp Biochem Physiol 47A: Concentrative accumulation of 3H- prostaglandins by some rabbit tissues in vitro: The chemical nature of the accumulated 3H-labeled substances.

Prostaglandins 7: The effects of experimental uveitis on anterior uveal prostaglandin transport and aqueous humor composition. Invest Ophthalmol Photoactivation of pupillary constriction in the isolated in vitro iris of a mammal Mesocricetus auratus.

Comp Biochem Physiol 50A: Are prostaglandins intracellular, transcellular or extracellular autocoids?

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Prostaglandins 9: Saturable, energy-dependent, transmembrane transport of prostaglandins against concentration gradients. Nature Inhibition of pulmonary prostaglandin metabolism by inhibitors of prostaglandin biotransport probenecid and bromcresol green. Prostaglandins Impermeability of rabbit erythrocytes to prostaglandins.

Am J Physiol Inhibition of in vitro concentrative prostaglandin accumulation by prostaglandins, prostaglandin analogues and by some inhibitors of organic anion transport. Facilitated transport of prostaglandins across the blood-cerebrospinal fluid and blood-brain barriers. The role of transport processes in the distribution and disposition of prostaglandins. In: Prostaglandins and Thromboxane Research.

Samuelsson B and Paoletti R Eds. Effects of anti-inflammatory agents and some other drugs on prostaglandin biotransport. Normale Schwankungen und medikamentos verursachte Anderungen der Empfindlichkeit des Auges fur Miotika. In: Glaukom-Symposium.

Bobbi Brown - Pages [1] - A világ enciklopédikus tudás

Verlag, Stuttgart, p. Prostaglandin biotransport and its inhibition by some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Knoll J and Kelemen K Eds. Inhibition of renal prostaglandin metabolism and excretion by probenecid, bromcresol green and indomethacin. Inflammatory effects of endotoxin-like contaminants in commonly used protein preparations. The dependence of pulmonary prostaglandin metabolism on carrier-mediated transport processes. Am J Physiol EE, Intraocular inflammation produced by X-irradiation of the rabbit eye.

Eye Res. Intraocular sites of solute utilization and transport as revealed by studies on aphakic eyes.

Transport of prostaglandins across the blood-brain and blood-aqueous barriers and the physiological significance of these absorptive transport processes. In: The Ocular and Cerebrospinal Fluids. Fogarty International Symposium. Academic Press, London, pp. Prostaglandin E1-induced alterations in visually evoked response and new york anti aging puerto rico of epileptiform activity.

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Neuropharmacol Reduction of intraocular pressure by prostaglandins applied topically to the rabbit eye. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci A comparison of renal prostaglandin and p-aminohippuric acid transport processes.

Am J Physiol FF88, Concentrative accumulation of prostaglandins in vitro at 7o and 37oC by tissues of normothermic and hibernating woodchucks Marmota monax.

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Comp Biochem Physiol 60A: The physiology and pathophysiology of intraocular fluids. Hyperthermic effects of supracortically applied prostaglandins after systemic pretreatment with inhibitors of prostaglandin transport and synthesis. The insensitivity of the chicken eye to the inflammatory effects of X-rays in contrast to its sensitivity to other inflammatory agents.

Prostaglandin E1-induced latent epileptogenic foci. Electroenceph Clin Neurophysiol J The effects of intravitreally injected prostaglandin E1 on retinal function and their enhancement by a prostaglandin-transport inhibitor. Intraocular pressure of rhesus monkeys Macaca mulatta. An initial survey of two free-breeding colonies.

Gradual changes in the sensitivity of rhesus monkey eyes to miotics and the dependence of these changes on the regimen of topical cholinesterase inhibitor treatment. The pathophysiological effects of nitrogen mustard on the rabbit eye: I. The biphasic intraocular pressure response and the role of prostaglandins. New york anti aging puerto rico kinetics and energy dependence of prostaglandin transport processes. In vitro studies on the rate of PGF2a accumulation by the rabbit anterior uvea.

Paradoxical ocular hypertensive effect of pilocarpine on echothiophate iodide treated primate eyes. The pathophysiological effects of nitrogen mustard on the rabbit eye: II. The inhibition of the initial hypertensive phase by capsaicin and the apparent role of Substance P. Transport functions of the blood-retinal barrier system and the micro-environment of the retina.

Plenum Publishing Co. The impermeability of the basic cell membrane to thromboxane-B2, prostacyclin and 6-keto- PGF Prostaglandins, Intraocular pressure of rhesus monkeys Macaca mulatta II. Juvenile ocular hypertension and its apparent relationship to ocular growth. Gradual increase in the sensitivity of extraocular muscles to acetylcholine during topical treatment of rabbit eyes with isoflurophate.

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Am J Ophthalmol Reduction of intraocular pressure in normal and glaucomatous primate Aotus trivirgatus eyes by topically applied prostaglandin F2a. Curr Eye Res 1: The unique sensitivity of new york anti aging puerto rico rabbit eye to X-ray-induced ocular inflammation. The role of the arachidonic acid cascade in the species-specific X-ray-induced inflammation of the rabbit eye.

A comparison of the hypotensive and other ocular effects of prostaglandin E2 and F2a on cat and rhesus monkey eyes. Homeostasis of the retinal micro-environment. Magnesium, potassium and calcium distributions in the avian eye. The occurrence of senile cataracts, ocular hypertension and glaucoma in rhesus monkeys. A comparison of the miotic and inflammatory effects of biologically active polypeptides and prostaglandin E2 on the rabbit eye. Age- dependent loss of accommodative amplitude in rhesus monkeys: An animal model for presbyopia.

The development of presbyopia in primates.

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Trans Ophthalmol Soc UK The penetration of exogenous prostaglandin and arachidonic acid into, and their distribution within, the mammalian eye. The effects of prostaglandins and arachidonic acid on the electroretinogram: Evidence for functional cyclooxygenase activity in the retina. The mechanism of peptidergic miosis.


The structural basis of miotic potency among biologically active polypeptides. Species variations in the pathophysiological responses of vertebrate eyes to the chemical irritant, nitrogen mustard. Long-term maintenance of reduced intraocular pressure by daily or twice daily topical application of prostaglandins to cat or rhesus monkey eyes.

Non-invasive observations on eyes of cats after long-term maintenance of reduced intraocular pressure by topical application of PGE2.