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After repeated exposure of mice to microwaves at 0. The in vitro steroidogenic response of 48 h Leydig cell cultures obtained from exposed animals did not differ from the controls, suggesting that Leydig cells were not the primary targets of the applied microwave exposure or direct action of microwaves on Leydig cells was temporary only.

In exposed animals the red blood cell count and volume of packed red cells were also increased. Further investigations are required to clarify the mechanism of action of the applied microwave exposure on male mice, as well as to establish the biological significance of the observed phenomena.

All rights reserved. Introduction In the last decades the widespread use of electric devices and telecommunication equipments increased the electromagnetic radiation in our environment from 0 Hz up to GHz.

In this frequency ; range the non-ionizing radiation has too week photon energy to break the atomic bonds. The microwaves ranging from MHz to GHz are increasingly present in our everyday life from microwave ovens to medical diathermy. The most widely used GSM global system for mobile communication mobile phones operate also with microwave carrier frequencies in the near GHz range — MHz. Besides, there vitry anti aging szérum two additional ELF pulsing of the signal: one at 8.

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E-mail addresses: forgacs freemail. Exposure to high swiss angel anti aging juice extractor microwaves can cause detrimental effects on biological systems through thermal action [2,3].

Osteochondrogenic differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells VSMCs is the major cellular mechanism underlying vascular calcification. Because tissue hypoxia is a common denominator in vascular calcification, we investigated whether hypoxia per se triggers osteochondrogenic differentiation of VSMCs.

With regard to localized heating and the susceptibility of individual tissues to heat, the central nervous system CNSthe testis and the lens of the eye seem particularly sensitive [4]. Since all established biological and health effects of microwave exposure are related to thermal effect, safety guidelines do protect against excessive microwave heating.

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The microwave exposure can be quantified in terms of the amount of energy absorbed by a unit mass of the object. The SAR value is independent from the duration or repetition of exposure. In tissue, SAR is proportional to the square of the internal electric field strength.

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Values of SAR depend on the incident field parameters frequency, anti aging szemsmink, polarization, source—object configurationthe characteristics of the exposed body size, internal and external geometry, dielectric properties of vitry anti aging szérum and ground effects and reflector effects of other objects in the field near the exposed body.

Forgács et al. The exposure limits are calculated as mean of whole-body SAR, which are 0. Below the safety levels thermal effect of microwaves on biological systems cannot be expected.

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However, there are many reports over the last three decades that microwave or radiofrequency exposure can exert non-thermal influences, at intensities well below those necessary to cause any detectable heating.

In previous investigations it was found that non-thermal microwave or high frequency exposure is able to induce several changes at the level of DNA and protein molecules including the increase DNA single and double strand breaks in rat brain [6], induction of micronuclei in rat bone marrow [7], alteration of protein conformation without bulk heating [8] or induction of oxidative stress in rat brain tissue [9]. Compared with continuous-wave CW radiation, pulsed microwave fields with the same average rate of energy deposition in tissues are generally more effective in vitry anti aging szérum a biological response, especially when there is anti aging illóolajok receptjei diffúzorokhoz well-defined threshold that must be exceeded to elicit the effect [5].

Thus, it is quite possible that living vitry anti aging szérum have a two-fold sensitivity to the extremely low frequency pulsed GSM signal [1]. Whether non-thermal microwave exposure affect reproductive ability is controversial; epidemiological data have been inconclusive and animal tests limited. Nakamura et al. They suggest that the applied microwave exposure produce vitry anti aging szérum circulatory disturbances and ovarian and placental dysfunction during pregnancy, probably through non-thermal actions.

In a later experiment the vitry anti aging szérum authors did not find any non-thermal effects on uteroplacental blood flow, blood estradiol and progesterone, and splenic natural killer cell activity NKCA after exposure of pregnant rats to MHz CW at 0. Dasdag et al. However, a subsequent study carried out to explore these results more thoroughly found that longer daily exposures to pulsed — MHz GSM microwave radiation at a whole-body average SAR of 0.

Magras and Xenos [21] reported a dramatic decrease in the fertility of mice exposed to vitry anti aging szérum low level RF fields 0.

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They observed a progressive decrease in the number of newborns per dam, which ended in irreversible infertility. The main goal of this study was to evaluate the possible effect of whole-body MHz GSM-like exposure below the international SAR limit on serum testosterone level, the in vitro steroidogenic capacity of cultured Leydig cells and the histology of reproductive organs in male mice.

With the applied irradiation schedule we attempted to simulate the exposure of average mobile phone subscribers who regularly use the additional GSM-services internet, multimedia, GPS-combined GSM navigation systems, etc. Materials and methods 2. The NMRI strain of mouse is commonly used in radiation and bioelectromagnetic research.

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In each experiment, 11—12 sham-exposed control and another 11—12 exposed mice were kept in plastic cages and allowed free access to standard laboratory pellets Altromin® and tap water.

Five independent experiments were performed. The mice were kept and handled according to the guidelines of the Hungarian Law of Animal Care. The field of mobile phones was simulated in a gigahertz transverse electromagnetic mode GTEM cell of 2 m height and 1.

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The GTEM cell was positioned vertically therefore the E field strength was horizontal within the exposure vitry anti aging szérum. During RF exposure 11—12 freely moving mice were kept in a pure i. Within the GTEM cell, the cage was positioned into that level where a given input power could generate the maximum field strength over the whole area of cage. The distance from the septum at the given position was 0.

One testicle of each animal was used for culture of Leydig cells. Interstitial cell preparation and incubation Fig. Both had calibration uncertainties of 1. Measurements were made at 5 cm intervals in a horizontal plane across the volume occupied by the outer exposure box. The dominant field component was horizontal.

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The mean value of the field strength within the exposure volume was determined as The whole-body specific energy absorption rate was estimated as 0. The laboratory where the exposures have been performed has the Accreditation Certificate No. The sham-exposed control mice were kept in the same GTEM cell for the same time as exposed animals, however, without microwave exposure. On every workday the sham-exposed animals were placed for 2 h into the GTEM cell between and a.

Body weights were recorded on the first and the last day of the treatment.

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After blood collection, the animals were overdosed with pentobarbital. Testicles, epididymes, adrenals, prostates, Interstitial cells were prepared and cultured from the right testicles of the animals.

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The left testicles were used for histology. For isolation of interstitial cells by mechanical dissociation without enzyme treatment the method of Stoklosowa [26] was used with some modification, as described earlier [27].

In each experiment, interstitial cells were isolated and collected in two blocks: one obtained from sham-exposed, and another one from the exposed animals. Louis, MO. In brief, cells were incubated for 3.

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To assess viability prior to adding FBS to the culture medium, samples were taken and stained with trypan blue solution Sigma and the cells were counted in a hemocytometer. The LH analog hCG was used to check the T response of the sham-exposed controls and to evaluate the possible effect of the whole-body microwave exposure on the steroidogenic capacity of Leydig cells in vitro.

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The samples were measured at nm by an Anthos microplate reader and the data were evaluated by WinRead 2. The sensitivity of the T assay was 0. Histological techniques Testes leftepididymes, adrenals, prostates, kidneys, hearts, livers and pituitary glands were fixed in buffered formol saline for histological examination.