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    There are quite a few differences between the American version of Johnny Mnemonic that we all came to love and the Japanese one, considered to be the more obscure version - Wikipedia lists all of them.

    The movie's IMDB page lists noone at the moment - but if you've been following up on the news every now and then, you'll be delighted to notice that the screening date has been postponed until Although there's been no extra info added about Liv Tyler, the general consensus is that she's going to play Molly - even though the role of 3Jane could be more fitting.

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    This video above is a mock-up of the intro credits of Neuromancer and it's just how we would have wanted to see it up until the mid-nineties, I guess. With a sudden twist of a rename, Gamer features Gerard Butler, Ludacris, the creative guys behind Crank and a script that actually brings lots of previous cyberpunk ish gems to mind: Game sic!

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    Mind-control technology has taken society by storm and "Slayers" allows anti aging fringe szalon control other humans in mass-scale, multiplayer online game. With his every move tracked by millions, Kable's ultimate challenge becomes regaining his identity and launching an attack on the system that has imprisoned him.

    This is basically Running Man and a little bit of MadWorld, all the broadcast show elementsAvalon the all-encompassing multiplayer sampunas siberica anti agingDeath Race with the inmates and the hope of freedom.

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    And eXistenZ. Cyberpunk for us, squirting ladies for Butler.

    Teenagers playing fighting avatars is just another proof-of-concept for synchronicity. Here's what I wrote earlier and the trailer for some quick memory boost.

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