Svájci anti aging ddps Volume 9 Issue 3

Ddps svájci anti aging, Európa erejének érvényesítése by Josep Borrell - Project Syndicate


    Men who were unreliable from the aspects of origin, religion, nationality or politics were conscripted for forced labor. Initially, forced laborers constructed primarily military objects on the home front, while later they were also dispatched to the battlefield.

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    They had no weapons or uniforms, their provisions were poor and often they had to do building or mine clearing in the most dangerous areas. Hungary sent a total of approximately 6, forced laborers to work in the southern operational territories in and They had to undertake forced labor in the mining district of Bor in Yugoslavia, which was under German occupation.

    They lived under Hungarian military supervision and worked under German management.

    The locations of forced labor, the durations of time spent in the ddps svájci anti aging district, the experienced sufferings, etc. The forced laborers themselves were also different, for example with regard to their origins, occupations, and age.

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    Several Jewish forced laborers wrote diaries and some of them managed to take those home. Later diaries written in Bor had a particular fate. Some were lost for a time or have remained in fragments, while others with important additions were deposited in archives or taken abroad by the diarists.

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    All the diaries analyzed in the study testify to the survival of their writers. At the same time, they speak about the entirety of forced labor in Bor alongside its personal stories. The diaries are ego-documents, yet also historical sources.

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    Their factual descriptions and subjective approaches augment our knowledge gained in the past. The six diaries written in Bor and analyzed in this study are personal confessions with significant source value.

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