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In the BFVA both sampled pyroclastic layers are mantling a paleosol representing a dormant period in volcanism of a maximum of a few tens of kiloyears; Solleiro-Rebolledo et al.

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Similarly, sampling of the KH eruption fallout deposits was carried out from their basal part representing the first phase of the eruption fed by highly differentiated T1 and T2 rhyolitic magma; Nairn et al. This water-rich melt part of the magma chamber is tapped first during psideo suisse anti aging Nairn et al.

The identical water content of mafic arc magmas was explained by two things: 1 water contents are limited by the psideo suisse anti aging saturation at the last storage level by degassing until ca. The second scenario assumes a deeper magma chamber 10—12 kmwhere the melt stalls prior to the eruption, and the eruption is fed directly from that level Plank et al.

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These models were developed only for mafic magmas based on the measured water content of olivine-hosted melt inclusions. In the case of silicic caldera-forming volcanism, however, the second scenario does not seem to be a realistic option the uppermost magma chamber at 10 km depthbecause in silicic systems the shallowest stalling level of magma is usually located at 2—7 km depth Blundy and Cashman, ; Gualda et al.

In the case of KH eruption 6. As was mentioned before, the main crystallization episode of the quartz also takes place at such shallow levels of the magmatic plumbing system Graeter et al.

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This means that the physicochemical conditions P—T, oxygen fugacity, stress, etc. A possible explanation may be the rheological features of the crust, which can be functioned as precursors for the depth and pressure conditions where magma will accumulate Huber et al. As was suggested in recent studies e.

This is in good agreement with the suggested depth for the KH eruption magma chamber 6. Interestingly, these depths are consistent with the depth where the water saturation occurs based on experimental calculations of Zhang et al.

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Thus, in this depth range large-scale bubble formation can start due to water saturation and exsolution, which can contribute significantly to triggering an eruption Zhang et al. Consequently, the pressure-and-depth range can be estimated for the equilibrium between quartz and melt based on our fairly uniform structural hydroxyl and thus magmatic water contents.

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Possibly, this crustal region was the last stall of the magma prior to the eruption. As Blake and Zhang et al.

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To substantiate this hypothesis, more investigation is necessary in silicic volcanic fields, focused on the water content of the melt, whereas structural hydroxyl content of quartz phenocrysts could be a good proxy for that. The results of the study can be summarized as follows.

The measured volcanic quartz phenocrysts contain 9. Structural hydroxyl content of quartz does not depend on either the geographic or stratigraphic position of the hosting pyroclastic fallout horizon.

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The calculated structural hydroxyl contents fit well in the range of earlier published values from quartz phenocrysts derived from different geological environments granitic bodies, metamorphic rocks, detrital grainsincluding volcanic quartz phenocrysts. The structural hydroxyl contents are nearly the same in quartz phenocrysts of pyroclastic fallout deposits in the BFVA. Hence, it can be assumed that P, T, and x mainly H2O activity could be similar in the uppermost i.

This geodynamic and petrologic environment thus constrained the structural hydroxyl content of the quartz phenocrysts, i.

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The similarity of the average magmatic water content psideo suisse anti aging the studied pyroclastic deposits is pointed out throughout the large-scale silicic caldera volcanism of both BFVA and TVZ KH eruptionwhich could be a common feature in volcanic areas located in similar geodynamic environments. More occurrence areas of large-scale silicic explosive volcanism worldwide need to be involved in future studies to prove this hypothesis.

This could probably be the pressure—depth level at which the water saturation is achieved and water exsolution begins and triggers large-volume Plinian-type explosive eruptions.

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The preliminary results underline the importance of measuring water contents of NAMs in fallout pyroclastic layers originating from extension-related silicic explosive eruptions in various volcanic fields. Appendix A: Single-crystal preparations To more accurately analyze the average unpolarized absorbance of our phenocrystal population, we crushed some quartz phenocrysts from Eger site manually in a mortar to be able to reproduce the methodology of Biró et al.

The sample preparation methodology was almost the same as described above; however, at the end of the preparation the glue slab was dissolved with acetone, and the single phenocryst wafers were individually picked up and stored.

The prepared phenocrysts were measured with the same unpolarized micro-FTIR methodology, but the single crystals were emplaced on a CaF supporting slide during the measurements.


The measurements resulted in higher structural hydroxyl content: The measured maximal indicative structural hydroxyl content is This could be the theoretical maximal indicative structural hydroxyl content of the quartz phenocrysts of the BFVA if the incident light travels parallel to the c axis.

In this case, it follows from the absorbance indicatrix theory of quartz Sambridge et al.

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This agrees well with the empirically pom pom botanikus kert szemkörnyék Hence, the reason for the difference between the results of this investigation and the measurements of Biró et al.

Author contributions MH wrote and prepared the original draft, performed the sampling in the BFVA, sample preparation, measurements, and calculations. KN carried out the sampling in New Zealand. RS played a role in methodological specifications, investigations, and editing of the manuscript.

ZsP made additional calculations for this psideo suisse anti aging and reviewed the manuscript. ZoP and DK designed and conceptualized the work. IJK and DK also provided the financial background. Competing interests Some authors are members of the editorial board of European Journal of Mineralogy. The peer-review process was guided by an independent editor, and the authors have also no other competing interests to declare.

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Disclaimer Publisher's note: Copernicus Publications remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. It is not associated with a conference.

We thank Mike Jollands and Hélène Balcone-Boissard for the in-depth review which improved the manuscript. We thank Etienne Balan for handling the manuscript. Financial support This research has been supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund grant nos. K, K, and K References Aines, R. A peak in the infrared, J. Allabar, A. Anderson, A. Balázs, A.

Barker, S. Baron, M. Barth, A. Biró, T. Blake, S. Blundy, J. Briggs, R. Capaccioni, B. Cashman, K. Cherniak, D. Cooper, G. Csontos, L. Deering, C. Dingwell, D. Dixon, J. Ewart, A. Frigo, C. Gleadow, A. Graeter, K. Graham, I. Grant, K. Gravley, D. Gualda, G.